How to get field name in mysqli using php
How To Create High-Quality BACKLINKS from GOOGLE SITES For Free UNLIMITED TRAFFIC (Off-Page SEO)
How to send additional parameter with form data with ajax
Top 50 MySQL Interview Questions and Answers
Lyrics post generator tool for Blogger and WordPress

Awesome tool for our bloggers. If you have any song lyrics website then this tool becomes very use full for you. Simply create your lyrics and put HTML code in your blog. Lyrics post generator tool for Blogger and WordPress.

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Free Youtube Thumbnail Generator

Download free youtube thumbnails generated by Legend Blogs YouTube Thumbnail Generator tool.

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How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site

Playing a YouTube Video in HTML To play a youtube video on a web page, do the following steps:

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Create a website with a premium wordpress theme

I know what you’re thinking. With so many options, how can a blogger decide which theme to use in his blog design? Easy. Just think about the 6 factors listed below to make sure you choose a more suitable WordPress theme for your project.

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Jquery Ajax pagination with php

In this article, we’re going to explain how to paginate your data using PHP and AJAXwithout page reloads and without a click, Yes without anywhere click on the page. This example will show you pagination onScroll. So, let's get started with Jquery Ajax pagination with PHP.

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jQuery ajax POST example with PHP

Query Ajax is the powefull tool of jQuery, You can create attractive webpage with the help of JQuery ajax. jQuery's Ajax methods return a superset of the XMLHTTPResuest object.

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